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Play. Own. Be yourself.

Join the gaming revolution and play together with millions of others across the globe. Build your legacy as a gamer with amazing NFTs you get by playing. Collect, trade or just share them with your friends — own your experience, your creations, your achievements.

All games & all NFTs

Access all Web 3 games & NFTs with Wombat's game browser. No matter which game, which chain and which NFT, Wombat has you covered. Wombat is the easiest way to get started in Web 3 gaming. 
Get cool rewards in Playground
Explore NFT games and re-discover mainstream hits supercharged with crypto and NFT rewards! Hit milestones and join weekly and daily challenges and missions — and your skill and effort will be rewarded with NFTs. All of them are stakeable in Dungeon Master for additional gains.
Control your assets
With Wombat, you have a built-in wallet and a GameFi powerhouse! For every game we have, we make sure the tokens are listed as well. Wombat supports all major blockchains and is non-custodial, so it's your keys and your assets. 

Your NFT Gallery

Build your own NFT collection in your Wombat App. Securely store, trade and exhibit your NFTs and follow other gamers' NFT collections.  

Open Ecosystem

Wombat believes in Web 3 and its open nature. This openness is instrumental for removing the boundaries of gaming and achieving true interoperability between games. Utilizing public blockchains, enabling true digital ownership and allowing users to move assets freely is what Wombat is about.

Make it yours

Become a stakeholder in your Wombat community. The WOMBAT token provides you with additional utility and allows you to vote on certain aspects of the Wombat ecosystem. Stack the WOMBAT token and benefit from a vital and growing community.
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