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Spielworks partners with Immutable

Together, we will elevate the play & trade experience in Web3 — for players, creators and traders alike.

 Immutable, the leading web3 gaming platform and ecosystem, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Spielworks, a leading web3 game distribution and publishing company, to join forces on user acquisition and engagement with Spielworks’ web3 gaming platform Wombat, and its popular asset marketplace AtomicHub. Together, the companies will employ additional rewards and marketing support for games building on Immutable, including The Main Quest — the largest ever web3 gaming rewards program. By enabling game developers to create more engaging experiences, this partnership pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming industry. 

As part of the partnership, AtomicHub, a leading NFT marketplace and launchpad, will support Immutable zkEVM, Immutable Passport, and Immutable Checkout. This integration will provide a seamless experience for players to trade and collect NFTs from games within the Immutable ecosystem. AtomicHub will also reward trading activity on Immutable games and launch an Exposure Program featuring special badges and tournaments.

"We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Spielworks and AtomicHub to further the reach and impact of The Main Quest rewards program," said Robbie Ferguson, President and Co-founder of Immutable. "This collaboration will not only provide additional rewards for players but also offer enhanced exposure and marketing support for games building on our platform."

Furthermore, Spielworks' Wombat App, which boasts over 4 million users across Android, iOS, and desktop platforms, will now support Immutable zkEVM. This collaboration opens up another distribution channel for Immutable games, allowing players to be eligible for rewards by playing their favorite titles.

Immutable users will benefit from the dynamic social layer inside the Spielworks products, and be able to earn additional rewards by interacting with other players and building up their own social profiles and networks. These social mechanics will help games building on Immutable have even higher engagement and retention, by tapping into the very foundations of what unites players - a love for games.

"High-quality content within and around Web3 games deserves a proper spotlight, and together with Immutable, we can really elevate the space for everyone — creators, players and traders alike", states Adrian Krion, the CEO and Co-founder of Spielworks. "We’re creating real impact here and setting a standard for collaboration in Web3 gaming moving forward — between Immutable and us or any other companies looking to work together." 

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