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Wombat is all about play and earn. Discover our brilliant lineup of NFT games and dApps on EOS, WAX, Ethereum and Telos.
Where can I see my NFTs?
All the NFTs you might have on EOS, WAX, Ethereum or Telos can be viewed in Wombat’s NFT Gallery. You can find it below on your home screen. You can also access your NFT from any marketplace, depending on the blockchain. We recommend AtomicHub (EOS, WAX), NeftyBlocks (WAX), SimpleAsset (WAX) or OpenSea (Ethereum).
What makes NFTs so great?
Unlike crypto, every NFT is provably unique and has an intrinsic value as a unit of its own. Think about it that way: if you buy something with Bitcoin, it doesn’t matter if you spend that handful of BTC you got a week ago or the other one from a month back. That’s because those BTC only represent a balance, a quantity of the same thing. With NFTs, it actually makes a difference which one you get or trade. At the same time, the blockchain element makes gaming NFTs superior to regular in-game items. Having an NFT under your account name or address means you have complete and irrevocable ownership of it. So even if the game it belongs to shuts down, you will still be able to manage it outside of it — for example, on NFT marketplaces or even other games!
What are NFTs?
‘NFT’ stands for ‘non-fungible token’. Just like crypto, they live on a blockchain and belong to their owners completely and irrevocably. That means the owners can freely transfer NFTs between account names and addresses, sell, bid on and publicly display them. Every NFT is provably unique. They can take many forms and shapes, from digital high school diplomas to membership cards. In the gaming context, NFTs are mostly used either as game-themed collectibles or items with in-game use — just like a potion, a weapon or a booster in any mainstream game.
How can I get an NFT?
You can get an NFT for free by playing various games on Womplay and joining NFT missions. Your progress towards getting an NFT will reflect in the Questbook — the colorful button with a scroll you will see on the home page there. Some blockchain games also reward players with NFTs — check out the games directory in Wombat! Alternatively, you can always purchase NFTs on AtomicHub, NeftyBlocks, SimpleMarket or OpenSea.
What can I do with my NFTs?
You can freely transfer, trade, sell and collect your NFTs. The NFTs you got on Womplay also have utility on the platform within Challenges and Missions, as well as cosmetic use. Some blockchain games also feature NFT staking to mine in-game cryptocurrency or other rewards.
Which dApps can I use on Wombat?
Wombat features a wide selection of hand-picked dApps, offering a plethora of ways to interact with EOS, WAX, Ethereum and Telos blockchains. The list of integrated dApps includes: Boid Discussions Emanate Equilibrium Farm Game HireVibes Pizza 1inch Defibox Axie Marketplace OpenSea AtomicHub Decentraland Besides the natively available dApps, you can also launch any other dApp that supports Scatter logins. But as we grow our ecosystem, we will continue to onboard other dApps to bring more value to our users.
Where can I find other blockchain gamers?
You can connect with other blockchain gamers and even Wombat’s team members on our dedicated Discord server.
Which games can I play on Wombat?
Wombat is continuously building the best games library for you to play and earn. Right now, it includes established blockchain games classics and some of the exciting new titles, such as: Blockchain Cuties ChainZ Arena Prospectors Upland Sorare Uplift R-PLANET Splinterlands EvolutionLand F1 Delta Time Check the Games section and our socials regularly for updates on new games coming to Wombat!
Can I log into other games & dApps with Wombat?
As long as this game or dApp is based on EOS or Telos and supports Scatter as a login option
Can I earn tokens in games?
Certainly! For a full list of play-to-earn games

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