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Improve your gamers' engagement by connecting to Wombat's NFT layer
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For Web 3 game developers
Focus on what you are good at and leave the wallet aspect to Wombat. Wombat is known for its strong focus on simplicity and UX. Therefore Wombat's wallet functionality is not a burden for your users but a fun extension of your game. If you want to add our SDK, you can download it for Android or iOS.
For all game studios and publishers
Effective user acquisition has never been easier: Wombat has a strong reputation for a highly engaged (2x avg. UA channel) user base that you can target.  Additionally, you have the option to mint and hand out NFT rewards via Wombat's NFT gateway without any effort. Wombat has you covered.
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Open Ecosystem

Wombat believes in Web 3 and its open nature. Even though you partner with Wombat you are not locked in with us. Wombat is a true non-custodial wallet, and users can migrate their private keys and assets anytime. Wombat supports all major Web 3 blockchains, enabling users to interact with any dapp they want.